Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I fixed a bug in 37 minutes

Obviously, this is not an outstanding performance. The statement looks very common, however it assumes a lot of things:
  • I was able to measure the time it really takes. Actually I use mylin extension of Eclipse to help me drive my work by task. This time, I don't know why, I paid attention to the elapsed time to completion, a built-in feature of mylin I never used before.
  • I was not disturbed or distracted during 37mn in a row. It seems to me it has been years I couldn't focus so much time on a single task.
  • The bug itself wasn't a big deal, but I think I am the only one on earth to fix it in such a short delay. It's not because I'm super-developer, but because I know the best this part of code, and my developing environment is ready to tackle this kind of bug. Even a genius challenger would need a couple of dozen of minutes only to setup the right environment. Actually the difficulty of this bug was to find out the right place to fix it, and I used the debugger to find this place quickly and accurately, instead of navigating through the sources. The fix itself was simple.
  • I searched in google code source an implementation of a method that was part of the solution. I could implement it myself, but it saved me a bit of time.

It's only unfortunate that the time I saved fixing this bug has been wasted writing this post!

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